Tutorial Updated for Unity 5.5.0f3

The HoloLens ecosystem is a fast moving target, and I noticed that my tutorial was already inaccurate in spots due to changes in both Unity and the HoloToolkit. I’ve updated the tutorial for the latest versions available as of today and I’ve also added the tested version to the index. Look for the rest of this tutorial to be completed during the beginning of 2017. Happy New Year everyone!

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AmbiHueTv Updated to v1.3

 Phillips Hue Ambient Light Synced to a TV

I’ve updated AmbiHueTv to support UVC Capture devices as well as webcams. The UVC Capture device works much better and I would recommend this method if you want to try this IOT project. For this project you will need a Raspberry Pi 2, a USB webcam or UVC Capture Device compatible with Windows 10 IOT, a Hue Bridge, and a Hue light bulb capable of color changing.

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HoloLens Talk this Tuesday at Milwaukee UX User Group

Augmented Reality – Let’s Make Some Holograms!

Where: Irish Pub in Third Ward

When: 11/29/2016 6:30 PM

Link: http://mkeux.com

Do you want to explore Mars?  Model a building on your conference room table? Play Minecraft in your living room?  All of these things are being done today using Augmented Reality.  Augmented Reality has shifted from mobile app gimmick to an immersive UXD experience that is unrivaled.

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