Recording of AI Tech Shop Panel Available

The recording of the AI Tech Shop Panel is available here:

Thanks to the organizers and other panelists.  This was a great panel with interesting content from each of the presenters.  Check out the recording and feel free to reach out with questions!

Tech-Prize Artificial Intelligence Panel

Join me this Saturday at the Tech Shop AI Panel Discussion.   This panel will include panelists from SE Wisconsin business and education with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and its application in app development and decision-making systems. The panel will overview AI/ML technologies and discuss the process, techniques, and technology used to create apps. The panel will also discuss how our institutions are keeping pace with AI, discuss career opportunities and the skills needed to enter the field.

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Artificial Intelligence Tech Shop



MACC 2021 Why do Machine Learning Projects Fail Slides

It was great to return to the Midwest Architecture Community Collaboration Conference this year even if it was virtual.  This talk has been something I’ve building towards for years, and attempts to capture some of the wisdom I have acquired in the last few years in machine learning space.  ML project failures is the hidden secret nobody wants to talk about in our industry.  I hope everyone enjoyed hearing this talk as my as I enjoyed giving it!

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ML .Net talk Slides

Thank you to Mad Dot  Net for hosting my talk on ML .Net.  ML .Net is exciting technology for C# developers that would like to apply machine learning to the project.  Due to my animations some of the slides didn’t translate well to the web, but all of the content is there.  The deck is posted below. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Learn more about Machine Learning for C# and .NET developers

This week I’m speaking at MadDotNet about ML .NET.  ML .NET has matured since its initial release and now has a solid feature set allowing many common machine learning scenarios to be accomplished completely in C#.  This talk will be mostly focused on code with multiple working demos using real world use cases.

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Sign Ups open for September CNUG Talk

At this month’s Chicago .NET Users Group, I will be giving a talk discussing how to bring Machine Learning to your development teams in a sensible and pragmatic way.  This is a virtual online event, so I would like to encourage everyone to join us regardless of location!

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Speaking tomorrow at Chicago Code Camp

Come join panelists Cameron Vetter, Greg Levenhagen, Svetlana Levitan and Swaminathan Venkatesh to discuss the latest trends in AI & ML. We’ll be discussing where AI & ML will take humanity to the future, as well as topics involving Ethics, Economics and the AI & ML Technologies themselves.

Will the robots replace our jobs in the future? The topic of AI & ML is not all about doom and gloom: how can we use AI & ML to improve our lives? Are Siri, Google, and Alexa the epitome of AI?

Join us for an hour (or maybe more?) with questions and topics you want to discuss with our Panel and the Midwest Development Community.

Please tell your friends and colleagues, and we hope to see you at 4 PM on Saturday, Saturday, July 11, 2020.

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Build 2020 Round Up

The Build 2020 keynotes just wrapped up and I’ve done a series of posts for my company (Octavian Technology Group).  Here is a round-up of what I thought were some of the most exciting announcements:

Speaking tonight at Milwaukee Azure!

Please join me tonight at the Milwaukee Azure User Group, I will be giving my Ignite talk on how to get started with Machine Learning.


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Stepping Stones to Bring Machine Learning to your Products

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020, 6:00 PM

TRG Marketing
155 S Executive Dr #100 Brookfield, WI

36 Members Attending

Cameron Vetter will be giving his Ignite talk for the MKE Azure group. This talk focuses on how to use the Microsoft / Azure stack to bring Machine Learning to your team. ABSTRACT Machine Learning can be overwhelming to introduce into your products. Introducing machine learning in small steps focusing on quick wins can help a business get its footi…

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Global AI Bootcamp 2019 is this weekend!

This Saturday is Global AI Bootcamp 2019.  This is a worldwide event that is being hosted in 130 locations around the world. I’m proud to be the host and one of the speakers of the Milwaukee event.  We still have a few tickets left so signup while you can at