Updating to IOS 7 from Jailbroken 6.1.3, so much fail

indexI don’t remember ever upgrading from one version of IOS to another where it hasn’t been pure hell.  Whether it is jailbroken or not there is always an incredible amount of problems.  This really baffles me because the iPhone is typically very reliable during normal use (a large part of the reason I have an iPhone vs a more interesting Android device).  This upgrade is probably the worst yet I had 13 distinct issues:

  1. I could not backup my SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella or iFaith, no idea why, I would guess I selected the wrong jailbreak last time around, I have plenty of earlier blobs, so maybe this won’t burn me later
  2. When I go to do an over the air update it just sits there looking for updates, I waited about 20 minutes and 10% battery life before I gave up.
  3. After Hooking it up to a computer for the first time since my jailbreak I found out iTunes was out of date, I clicked update and it stared at me blankly.
  4. I downloaded iTunes and uninstalled and reinstalled it myself and it demanded that I install 11.0.5 before it would even consider IOS 7.  I checked the version and discovered I had 11.0.5.  This really breaks new ground in fail.
  5. After operating the Google I found out that the current version is 11.1 and downloaded and installed that.
  6. I plugged in my phone and nothing… Not a thing.
  7. Rebooted and tried again, nothing.
  8. Uninstalled and Reinstalled, nothing.
  9. I checked with Google again and learned that I needed to update the iPhone driver manually.  I jumped in device manager and pointed it at the proper driver, and my phone was detected.
  10. I started the upgrade to IOS 7. After a full backup (although I had just taken one at the beginning of this mess) it partially installed IOS 7 and gave me an error message leaving my phone locked up.
  11. I used TinyUmbrealla to kick the phone out of recovery mode and it had no valid OS so it jumped right back into recovery mode.
  12. I then had to use recovery which went straight to ios 7 leaving my backup that I just made completely useless.
  13. Success???  So now I have a completely virgin phone with ios 7 and have to reinstall everything…

Next time I hear an apple zealot say “It just works” remind to punch them in the face.

One thought on “Updating to IOS 7 from Jailbroken 6.1.3, so much fail

  • Posted on September 19, 2013 at 1:36 am

    So it turns out my settings and pictures and texts are still there, greatly reducing my rage, but still no apps. Still a ton of work to fix this up. On the positive side wordpress appears to be super nice…


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