HoloLens Talk this Tuesday at Milwaukee UX User Group

Augmented Reality – Let’s Make Some Holograms!

Where: Irish Pub in Third Ward

When: 11/29/2016 6:30 PM

Link: http://mkeux.com

Do you want to explore Mars?  Model a building on your conference room table? Play Minecraft in your living room?  All of these things are being done today using Augmented Reality.  Augmented Reality has shifted from mobile app gimmick to an immersive UXD experience that is unrivaled.

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Favorite Resources for Developing on HoloLens

A question I struggled with as a I started to develop for HoloLens is where to find information. There are not a lot of good sources of development information since public development only started about 6 months ago and the community is very small. The first place I would recommend is Microsoft’s official resources:

Unofficially there are a couple other very good resources:

  • Unity 3D HoloLens Forum – This forum is less active but tends to do better with the tougher questions
  • HoloDevelopers Slack – Created by Jesse McCulloch this is an active community with great discussions, my favorite place to discuss HoloLens Development
  • Stack Overflow – A bit of activity is starting here, but small compared to the activity in the forums above
  • My HoloLens Tutorial – Still a work in progress, but I am aiming to make it the most complete and up to date tutorial available

Do you know of a great source of information that I missed? If you do, please let me know in the comments!