Favorite Resources for Developing on HoloLens

A question I struggled with as a I started to develop for HoloLens is where to find information. There are not a lot of good sources of development information since public development only started about 6 months ago and the community is very small. The first place I would recommend is Microsoft’s official resources:

Unofficially there are a couple other very good resources:

  • Unity 3D HoloLens Forum – This forum is less active but tends to do better with the tougher questions
  • HoloDevelopers Slack – Created by Jesse McCulloch this is an active community with great discussions, my favorite place to discuss HoloLens Development
  • Stack Overflow – A bit of activity is starting here, but small compared to the activity in the forums above
  • My HoloLens Tutorial – Still a work in progress, but I am aiming to make it the most complete and up to date tutorial available

Do you know of a great source of information that I missed? If you do, please let me know in the comments!

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