HoloLens Talk this Tuesday at Milwaukee UX User Group

Augmented Reality – Let’s Make Some Holograms!

Where: Irish Pub in Third Ward

When: 11/29/2016 6:30 PM

Link: http://mkeux.com

Do you want to explore Mars?  Model a building on your conference room table? Play Minecraft in your living room?  All of these things are being done today using Augmented Reality.  Augmented Reality has shifted from mobile app gimmick to an immersive UXD experience that is unrivaled.

This talk will use the HoloLens and Unity 3D to give a crash course in AR concepts, how an AR application is put together and some of the design considerations. This includes:

  • Real World Understanding (Spatial Mapping, Plane Finding, Spatial Understanding)
  • Holograms (Billboarding, Placement, Physics)
  • Control (Gaze, Cursor, Gestures, Voice)
  • Persistence (World Anchors)

You’ll leave with an understanding of HoloLens terminology and techniques, by watching a real Hololens app get built step-by-step using each of these AR concepts.

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