Cosmos DB Announcements from Build 2019

The Cosmos DB team has been busy and provided a whole bunch of new features:

Data Explorer Features

  • Save & Reuse Queries
  • Query Statistics now Available in the portal
  • New Contextual Command Bar Experience
  • AAD Integration in Cosmos Explorer (Standalone Version)

Native Support for Apache Spark

  • Enable Apache Spark in the same compute environment as your Cosmos DB, allowing use of the native Apache Spark Connector
  • Works for all APIP’s
  • Jupyter Notebooks experience in Cosmos Data Explorer
  • Feature is in preview and must be signed up for

Native Etcd API

  • Allows backend database of Kubernetes to be stored in Cosmos DB
  • No longer have to manage Etcd yourself in your cluster, instead have it managed for you in Cosmos DB
  • Global Distribution
  • High Availability
  • Flexible Master Node Scaling decoupling Kubernetes scaling from the Master Nodes
  • Signup for the preview of this feature at

Management Experience 

PowerShell Support

Cosmos DB Operator Role

  • Enables CI / CD deploy
  • Cannot access keys or data

SQL API Query Updates

  • Multi-Value subqueries
    • Returns single value from multiple documents
  • Scalar subqueries
    • Returns only one value

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