Slides from Brew City UX Mixed Reality talk

Thanks to Brew City UX for hosting my talk earlier this week.  This was a very welcoming audience and a lot of fun to meet many of you! Here is a link to the slides as well as the abstract for the talk.  Feel free to get in touch to talk more about the exciting possibilities in this space.



Mixed Reality has made a big splash in the last few years with real products arriving from Microsoft and Magic Leap. The dust has settled, and the second generation of hardware and development tools from Microsoft are coming out this year. Where does this leave us? Join Cameron for an examination of the UX of HoloLens 2. In this talk, he will cover what has changed, what user interactions will look like for this hardware, and talk about the UX challenges that this platform will provide.

• A review of the HoloLens 1 as a baseline.
• An introduction to the HoloLens 2 and its features.
• A review of what companies are currently doing with HoloLens.
• Demos of the out-of-the-box UX in HoloLens 2, as well as the story of how they were researched and designed.
• The tools in use for designing Mixed Reality experiences.
• UX challenges for Mixed Reality applications.
• Recommendations on how you should prepare… UX will be pivotal to Mixed Reality’s success!

You’ll leave with an overview of the UX needs of this generation of Mixed Reality hardware, and an understanding of what adaptions will be needed to design user experiences in Mixed Reality.




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