Azure Notebooks Talk Coming Up

My first talk of the year will focus on Azure Notebooks, which is a great implementation of Jupyter in the cloud. I’ll show how to effectively use it and how it is useful for Developers and Data Scientists. The Milwaukee date is January 30th, click here to sign up!  Madison and Minneapolis dates coming soon!

Slides from That Conference Neural Networks Workshop

At That Conference 2018 I gave a workshop on how to create a basic Neural Network.  Thank you to everyone that attended, and especially those that made it the entire 4.5 hours.  It was great seeing almost everyone walk out with a working Neural Network!

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Adding Batch AI jobs the Easy Way with Autonaming

Adding a job to an Azure Batch AI cluster can be a time consuming task to perform prone to errors due to the many fields that need to be configured.  Since all jobs end up in the same resource group it can be difficult to tell which is which.  Automatically generated names can help solve this problem.

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Create a Batch AI instance with a file share from the Azure CLI

While working with the Azure Batch AI public preview I was unable to use the portal to create a Batch AI instance that was connected to a file share.  I suspect this is just a bug in the preview, but I wanted to share exactly how I did it so others don’t have to figure this out themselves.

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