Build 2019 Milwaukee Event

I’m happy to announce that SafeNet Consulting (my employer) is hosting the Official Milwaukee local Build event. Please join us for an evening discussing the big announcements at Build, with numerous speakers that are attending Build 2019! Signup here:

Bing Development Platform Talk

trip companion demoToday I gave a talk on the Bing Development Platform.  Due to time constraints and numerous people that were not developers in the audience I ended up going pretty light on the code walkthroughs I was planning on doing.  I’m posting the source for this application here so that those that wanted to see more of the code can get a closer look at it.  This demo was based largely on the demo that was given at Build 2013 (although I wrote this one from scratch) during the keynote, so check that out to see a couple more of the Bing API’s in action.  I will update this demo or create a new one when the entity API is available, which to me is the most exciting part of the Bing Development Platform, but has not gone into beta yet.

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