Microsoft MVP Award

On April 1st I was awarded a Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence. It’s a great honor to have the work I’ve done trying to be a positive force in our tech community acknowledged. Thank you for nominating me Jessie! Thanks to everyone else in my life that made this possible, especially my family, and my employer SafeNet. I look forward to this coming year and the chance to continue to be a Technical Evangalist for AI, Azure, and Mixed Reality.

Build 2017 Mixed Reality Developer Discussion

Build 2017 has come and gone. I had the privilege of meeting a lot of developers from the HoloLens Community, and hear about the great projects they are all working on. Sean Ong, podcaster and HoloLens Developer, stopped by Build and hosted a round table discussion with a few member of the HoloLens community. Check out our discussion covering HoloLens, Acer, HP Headsets and more:

Check out the Sean’s Youtube channel at

Updating to IOS 7 from Jailbroken 6.1.3, so much fail

indexI don’t remember ever upgrading from one version of IOS to another where it hasn’t been pure hell.  Whether it is jailbroken or not there is always an incredible amount of problems.  This really baffles me because the iPhone is typically very reliable during normal use (a large part of the reason I have an iPhone vs a more interesting Android device).  This upgrade is probably the worst yet I had 13 distinct issues:

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