Nueral Network Workshop – Lab 1 macOS

Install Anaconda, Graphviz, and Python Packages

Click here for the Windows Instructions

Install GraphViz

  1. Install
  2. Open a Terminal Window
  3. sudo port install graphviz (NOTE: If you do not have xcode installed this will install it for you, and the command will fail afterwards. Execute the command a second time to install)
  4. Close Terminal Window

Install Anaconda and Python

  1. Install macOS 64 bit Python 3.x

Install Packages

  1. Open Terminal
  2. conda install theano
  3. conda install pydot
  4. pip install tensorflow
  5. pip install msgpack
  6. pip install keras
  7. conda update –all
  8. Close Terminal

Test Install

Test Install

  1. Launch Anaconda Navigator
  2. Open Spyder
  3. Create a New File
  4. Add the following code and run it:

A successful run will use theano and determine if you are using GPU or CPU to do the work (You will be using CPU)

Notice the content of the last three lines in the screenshot!


Lab Complete!



Extra Credit – Configure Nvidia GPU (Cuda) Support

Install Cuda and cuDnn

  1. GPU is no longer officially supported on macOS