Nueral Network Workshop – Lab 1

Install Anaconda, CNTK, and Python Packages

PRE LAB - CNTK Installer

  1. Install Windows 64 bit CNTK download (mirror)
    • Unzip to CNTK folder
    • Run cntk\Scripts\install\windows\install.bat
    • Wait a long time!

Install Packages

  1. Open Anaconda Prompt
  1. activate cntk-py35
  2. conda install spyder
  3. conda install flask=0.12.2
  4. leave the Anaconda Prompt open

Configure Keras to use CNTK

  1. At the prompt type the command python -i -c “import keras” (This results in an error because by default it does not use CNTK)
  2. Please modify the “keras.json” file under %USERPROFILE%/.keras
  3. Set the “backend” field to “cntk”.
  4. If you do not have a keras.json, that means you have not run Keras on this machine, Go back to step 1

Test Install

Test Install

  1. Open Anaconda Prompt
  2. activate cntk-py35
  3. Run spyder
  4. Open cntk\Tutorials\NumpyInterop\

A successful run will use CNTK to do a quick training and will look similar to below




Lab Complete!



Extra Credit – Useful info to read while you wait

Spyder IDE documentation
Beginner Tips for Python