Slides from That Conference Neural Networks Workshop

At That Conference 2018 I gave a workshop on how to create a basic Neural Network.  Thank you to everyone that attended, and especially those that made it the entire 4.5 hours.  It was great seeing almost everyone walk out with a working Neural Network!

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Slides from Global Azure Day Milwaukee

Thank you to everyone that attended my talk yesterday at Global Azure Day Milwaukee.  Let me know if any questions didn’t get answered.  Attached are the slides and a link to the demo.  Expect blog posts in the next couple weeks that cover some of the details that I glossed over to fit in my hour time slot:

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Microservices Talk Tomorrow – Using A Service Bus For MicroService Communication

Where: MkeAzure User GroupSafenet Consulting Milwaukee HQ

When: Weds, November 15th 2017 6:30pm

Who: Senior Developers and Architects with interest in MicroServices, Service Bus, and Azure


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